2015 SOFaM Highlights Reel

Discover Southern Oregon, friendly to a filmmaker’s eye as well as budget, where incredible locations, experienced crews, strong film incentives and no state sales tax have attracted industry professionals from across the country and around the world. For a full description of what Southern Oregon has to offer, begin your journey HERE or click on the links to the left.

Watch the SOFaM 2015 Highlights Reel to the right for a glimpse at some of the great work being done in Southern Oregon. To see more SOFaM videos, visit our Vimeo page here.


MovieMaker Magazine names Ashland A Best Place to Live and Work as a Moviemaker for 3rd Year in a row!. Congratulations Ashland and all of Southern Oregon for being recognized as a great place to live, work and shoot! Read the article here!


Wednesday August 3, 2016
Cameras and Cocktails
7:00pm to 9:00pm
Belle Fiore Winery, 100 Belle Fiore Lane (Formally 955 Dead Indian Memorial Road), Ashland 



Overlooking 50 acres of lush vineyards with sweeping views of the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, Belle Fiore inspires a special feeling of magic and romance. You and your guests will be delighted with our expansive grounds, enchanting gardens, numerous creative settings, breath-taking views and natural seclusion. The grand scale of Belle Fiore’s classical French chateau, as magnificent as it is as charming, lends extraordinary elegance, comfort and grace perfectly balanced to complement your most memorable romantic event. Guests will enjoy a unique combination of opulent interiors and outdoor luxury, conveniently located just a few minutes from Ashland and Interstate 5.


SOFaM welcomes our newest members and thanks those renewing. Please check out their listings to learn more about them.

Sean Johnson – Supporter
Jasmine Putnam – Supporter 
Christopher Lucas – Supporter 

K.H. Cooper – Supporter
Charles Douglas – DIT 
Mary WilkinsKelly – Set Photographer  
Sherry Grimes – Actor 

Alison Hoffman – Student
Michael Bryant – Student
Sea Liu – Student
Mig Windows – Student


Ada May – Supporter  
Allen Hicks – Supporter  
Andrew Gay – Supporter  

Andrew Reilly – Voice Over 
Anne Lundgren – Producer 
Apple Box Media – Post Production 
Barbara Henson – Supporter   

Bill Weil – Casting Director  
Brady Rubin – Actor 
Brooke DeBoer – Supporter  
Bruce Bayard – Visual Effects   
Cathy Kelly – Supporter  

Charles Douglas – DIT  
Chris Vanderschaaf – Editor  
Christopher Lucas – Supporter    
Daniel Rester – Supporter        
Darren Campbell – Supporter   
David Hill – Supporter       
David Kirk West – Director    

David Rowley – Supporter 
Deborah Felsenfeld – Transcription Services 
Denise Collins – Location Scout/Manager 
Doug O’Dell Jr.  – Supporter 

Dustin Meier – Stuntperson    
Elsewhere Films – Production Services 
Francis McCarthy – Actor   
Gary Kout – Producer; Line Producer; AD  

Ginny Auer – Supporter   
Graham Lewis – Supporter  

Hannah Mock – Student 
IMD – Talent Agencies 
Jana Carole – Supporter  

Jasmin Putnam – Supporter 
Jayson Wynkoop – Editor  
Jean Taylor – Supporter   

Jesse Widener – Supporter   
Joanne Feinberg – Supporter   

John Grimshaw – Supporter     
K.H. Cooper – Supporter 
Lanphier Associates – Creative Services   
Lia Rose Dugal – Actor  
Mark Jacobs – Composer 
Mark Schneider – Actor 
Marla Estes – Supporter           
Matt Stuart – Composer       
Megan Peterson – Supporter    

Michael Meyer – Supporter 

Mike Gantenbein – Producer 
Nick Rupp – Supporter 
Sean McCoy – Audio Post Production   

OSF Costume Rental – Costume & Wardrobe  

Patricia Somers- Supporter 
Patricia Wheelock – Supporter  
R.C. Pete Gillette – Supporter   

Ray Robison – Director    
Richard Herskowitz – Supporter  

Richard Houston – Supporter    
Richard Jensen – Supporter     
Robin Lycett – Supporter 
Robin Smith – Supporter   
Ross Williams – Editor  
Ryan Niemi –  Director 
Scott Glen – Sound Mixer            
Sean Johnson – Supporter        
Seth Downing – Supporter    

Shanda Hurst – Supporter 

Sherry Grimes – Actor   

Simone Stewart – Actor    

SOU DMC – Stages & Studios; Production Company 
Sunset Dynamics – Production Company 
Tristan Gavin – Supporter 
Toni Webb – Supporter  
Twanissa Cox – Supporter   

Vanessa Nowitzky – Composer   
Virginia Carol Hudson – Hair & Makeup   

Charles Douglas – DIT 
Mary WilkinsKelly – Set Photographer  
Sherry Grimes – Actor   
Mig Windows – Actor 


Mark Jacobs, music composer has recently completed a music soundtrack to the 1924 silent film, Wolkenphänomen von Maloja, “The Cloud Phenomenon of Maloja” by filmmaker Arnold Frack (1889 – 1974).

The soundtrack consists of stereo electronic music with a live alphorn duet. Mark and his SOU music colleague, Dr. Cynthia Hutton, will be premiering the work at the Northwest Horn Symposium at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA this coming weekend. They will be performing the alphorn parts in synchronization with the film and electronic soundtrack. 

JOMA Films AIFF16 bumpers are available for viewing if you missed them at the Ashland Independent Film Festival last weekend. Check them out here.

Joseph Linaschke of Photo Joseph was part of a super secret project in New Orleans. He tested the Panasonic new LUMIX GX80/GX85 and shares his impressions. Check out his work as well as that of SOFaM members here:

Gary Kout / ElsewhereFilms.com (Producer)
Brent Streeper (Editor / Motion Graphics Artist)
Sean McCoy / Oregon Sound Recording (Post Audio Engineer)
Michael Paul Caruso / Magnetic West Music (Sound Design)
Chris Vanderschaaf / Apple Box Creative (Colorist)
• Tyana Andrews / PhotoJoseph Studios (Assistant)
•  Joseph Linaschke / PhotoJoseph Studios (Director, on-camera “talent”, Script writer… whatever is left)

Pam Danielle worked on hair and make-up for Asante commercials and RVTD this past month.

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